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I'm Lucas Flatter, an independent game producer, graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology's Game Design and Development program (2014). I am a Certified Associate in Project Management, and currently hold a Secret Security Clearance. While attending RIT, I interned at Leapfrog in 2013 as an Associate Producer creating a math game for children aged 4-7 based on the Pixar film, The Good Dinosaur. In August of 2014, I released my first iOS game, Stroop Shoot, a brain training arcade shooter. Its mechanics are simple, but the game quickly challenges players' reflexes and minds. In September of 2014, I began working full time producing web applications for the Federal Government at the Defence Logistics Agency while continuing production on my independent games. Currently, I'm working on a mobile game that uses procedurally generated dungeons in Unity (here's a video).

My greatest strength lies in combining skills of varying disciplines to create great games. My technical skillset in programming allows me to prototype many of my game design ideas. I am also a hobbyist cartoonist, which often comes in handy when visualising solutions to technical challenges. Combining my programming, design, and artistic skills has allowed me to produce games independently. On a team, my diverse set of skills allows me to effectively facilitate communication between cross discipline teams in art, design, and programming.

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