App Warrior, an HTML5 Game

I created an HTML5 game called APP WARRIOR. While this was a school project, I included it in its own section because it was one of the last projects I completed in my Senior year (April 2014). Everything including code, animations, and design was completed in about 3 weeks. The game stars a warrior character atop an iPhone as a disembodied finger creates hostile apps for him to fight-- it makes sense in the game! The goal is to attain a high score by killing as many apps as possible before dying.

Click the links above to play! The code for the project can be viewed on my github page: HERE. The game was programmed in Javascript using the HTML5 Canvas class and designed to be scaled fullscreen to any window size.

iOS Version

While attending RIT, I also ported this web game to iOS as featured in the video below:

I decided not to release this project commercially since the touch controls weren't as intuitive as I would have liked compared to the keyboard. It was more useful as an exercise in learning SpriteKit using an existing game's template. That port is fitting though, since the whole theme of the game was iOS Apps gone rouge.

These are the Warrior animations I created.

And here are the App Enemy animations.

And the in game instructions.